Flamenco in Barcelona

If you see the genuine Spanish flamenco in Barcelona then you will see the performance of first class professionals.


This passionate dance was born in Andalucia, and it was not staged in Catalonia until the 18th century. Since then it has continued its triumphant march through Barcelona, attracting tourists from around the world.
Flamenco is an expressive, passionate, vibrant dance and it reflects the Spanish culture.

It is full of emotions and drama, which are revealed in every gesture and movement of the dancers. Flamenco strikes you with its expressiveness and emotion. It has its own language, woven from the music, movements and words. This language preserves all the charm and power of flamenco, its genuineness, unpredictability and magic. The philosophy of the dance lies in one’s journey inward, to one’s inner self.

You cannot keep yourself from empathizing when you watch the dance: tears are brought to your eyes and you have shivers running over your skin. We offer you the opportunity to experience the passion and the emotional depth of this dance in Barcelona.

Where can you see it?

Flamenco is performed in many places in Barcelona. We will arrange your visiting of this amazing show that will arouse your emotions and will give you tons of unforgettable memories.This event can be compared to going to the theater. We will book for you tickets to the Flamenco Palace (Barcelona) or to one of the concert halls.Visitors can also order dinner and watch what is happening on the stage, enjoying dishes of Catalan cuisine. We can also reserve for you a table in a cafe or restaurant where flamenco shows are performed live. There are many places where dancers are invited to entertain the audience.

In addition to the show you will be offered a traditional Catalan dinner, snacks, a glass of sangria or the best Spanish wine. Sitting at a table, as in a regular cafe, you enjoy the fascinating show taking place right in front of you.

Besides restaurants there are places in Barcelona where real professionals, graduates of the best flamenco schools perform. The Spanish call them tablao. Besides, there are small dance studios where introductory performances are staged.They will help you get an overall picture of what this passionate dance is about.Tickets for Flamenco shows in Barcelona are usually sold out quickly, and some places do not make late reservations. However, we will make sure that you can see this vibrant dance with tour own eyes. Our company will book for you the required number of tickets on the required date.


Palacio del flamencoAdress: C/ Balmes 139 , 08008 Barcelona
: Eixample 
Contact information 
work hours
: every day, 3 sessions
1. – 18:45-dinner, 19:15-20:15-show,
2. – 20:30-21:10 – minishow
3. – 21:40-dinner, 22:45-23:45 – show
How to get there : metro station Diagonal or Paseig de Gracia (Line 3 and 5 )
Price: from 30 euro

40 euro

entrance ticket + glass of vine

55 euro — Special offer

Salad + Paella + Catalan cream + glass of sangria or other drink

70 euro – Menu Barcelona

Fideu with shrimps+ paste + dessert.There is also included a bottle of vine Añares and water

80 Euro — Menu Gaudí

Paella + Steak + dessert or salat with cheese + chicken + stuffed with greens with bottle of wine, water and coffee 

30 Euro — Minishow

One glass of sangria or other drink

36 Euro — Minishow – Menu Paella

Paella + dessert + One glass of sangria or other drink 




flamenco Adress: Avda. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13
Contact information: www.tablaodecarmen.com
District: Montjuic-Poble Espanyol
Opened: from tuesday to sunday. 18:45-23:00
Prices: show+drink-39 Euro, show+snacks-49 Euro, show+dinner-77 Euro



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