Transfer in Barcelona

The Viva Barsa company provides transfer services in Barcelona from and to the airport/ hotel.

Our dedicated staff will meet and greet you and will drive you to the place of destination.

* An additional 20% charge is applied to transfers in the night time from 23.00 to 7.00.

* You can see the prices for large group transfers here.

*You can find general conditions of transfrers arrangement ,payment,and booking in helpful information section.


From the airport Barcelona price in euro
1 – 3 persons for car 4 – 6 persons for car 7 – 8 persons for car
Transfer to the hotel
Barcelona 70€ 90€ 110€
Barcelona coast, Maresme
Mataro 80€ 95€ 100€
Calella 140€ 165€ 190€
Pineda de Mar 140€ 165€ 190€
Santa Susanna 150€ 170€ 195€
Malgrad de Mar 150€ 170€ 195€
Castelldefels 65€ 75€ 90€
Costa Brava coast
Blanes 160€ 185€ 205€
Lloret de Mar 150€ 165€ 170€
Tossa de Mar 180€ 205€ 220€
Playa de Aro 195€ 215€ 235€
Roses 260€ 280€ 310€
Palamos 195€ 220€ 240€
Empuria Brava 260€ 290€ 330€
Airport Girona  165€ 190€ 215€
Costa Dorada coast
Salou, La Pineda, Port Aventura 190€ 210€ 250€
Andorra 325€ 375€ 405€
From Airport Girona Price in euro
1 – 4 persons for car 5 – 6 persons for car 7 – 8 persons for car
Barcelona coast, Maresme
Airport Barcelona 165€ 190€ 215€
Calella 90€ 95€ 105€
Pineda de Mar 90€ 95€ 105€
Santa-Susanna 90€ 95€ 105€
Malgrad de Mar 90€ 95€ 105€
Costa Brava cpast
Blanes 90€ 95€ 105€
Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar,Platja de Aro 90€ 100€ 110€
Palamos 105€ 115€ 125€
Empuria Brava, Roses 125€ 135€ 150€
Andorra 325€ 375€ 405€
From Barcelona
Price in euro
1 – 7 persons for car
Valencia, Spain 550€
Madrid, Spain 950€
Zaragosa, Spain 500€
Paris, France 1350€
Marseille, France 900€
Monaco, Nice, France 1000€
Lisbon, Portugal 1780€
Milan, Italy 1550€


In case the flight is more than one hour late or if the arriving passengers show up later than one hour after the plane landed, the additional fees for the overtime driver services are applied: for a group up to 4 persons - 20 €, a group from 4 to 8 persons - 30 €, over 9 persons - 50 €.

If you don’t like the idea of finding yourself in the unknown city with nobody around to help you, then the transfer in Barcelona is the quickest and the most convenient way to get to your place of destination. This is a helpful service which will save your time and will keep your nerves healthy.

You will not have to puzzle over the public transportation maps, memorize phrases in Spanish to communicate with a taxi driver, you will not be in fear of missing the stop on a bus or subway or being lost in a foreign country. We will arrange a car to wait for you at the airport in due time. Our staff members always come in time and you will never have a chance to get bored waiting for them. We offer transfer services not only to Barcelona, but also to the hotels of Costa Brava (Platja d’Aro, Lloret de mar, Blanes, Tossa de mar, Empuria Brava, Palamos, Roses). You can also book with us a transfer to Barcelona from Gerona airport. Are you going to the ski resort of the Principality of Andorra? Contact us, and we will take you to your hotel.

Our every client is our dear guest. We will greet you warmly, will put your luggage in the trunk and will give you a comfortable ride to any place. During the transfer you will be enjoying the picturesque views from the car window. On your way to the hotel you will meet for the first time the pearl of the Mediterranean – the magnificent Barcelona. Our vast car inventory includes cars which can take up to 8 passengers. We also provide transfers in premium class autos: Mercedes Viano и Audi Q7. The maximum comfort and security, efficiency and attention to our clients’ needs – this is our company’s motto.

Aside from transfers we also provide professionally guided tours and all kinds of other leisure services – booking of restaurant tables, Spanish wine tastings, booking of tickets to the flamenco shows, football matches, etc. Travel with comfort!

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