Transfer in Barcelona: Quick and Comfortable

The hotel room is booked, the plane tickets are bought, the visa is obtained, and the baggage’s packed…and there’s only one thing left – to book transfer from airport to hotel in Barcelona. In spite of a great number of taxi drivers it is not always good to use their services. If you cannot speak Spanish you will face difficulties explaining to the driver where you need to go. And you are likely to be overcharged for the ride. Taking a ride in public transport when you have all your luggage on you doesn’t sound like fun either. Moreover, the chances of taking a wrong bus or missing the needed stop are pretty high when you are not familiar with the city.

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Transfer is the most convenient and helpful option. This service suits perfectly those people who value comfort, reliability, punctuality and prefer to avoid stressful situations. The VivaBarsa staff members will meet you in the airport with a plate which would have your name on it, will assist you with your luggage and will give you a comfortable ride to your hotel. In order to book transfer in Barcelona, you need to contact us in advance using the contact information on our web-site. You will need to inform us about the exact time of your arrival, flight number, number of people and luggage amount, place of destination in Catalonia. A comfortable car with an experienced driver will be waiting for you at the airport on the exact time specified by you. You will have a safe, quick and comfortable ride to your hotel!


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