Private Barcelona tours for groups (9 and more people)


Panorama of Barcelona (4 hours)

Экскурсии по Барселоне T he first meeting with the pearl of Mediterranean, Barcelona, will never be erased from your memory: you will get acquainted with the works of the famous Antonio Gaudi, see the majestic temple of the Holy Family – Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, which heats the imagination, will have a comfort of a ride from the “laced” streets of Eixample to the Olympic Port, will take a look back into the history, contemplating the beauty of Montjuïc mountain. You will be charmed with picturesque Plaza de Catalunya and noisy Paseo de Gracia. Enjoy the panoramic Barcelona tour with us! Individual Barcelona tours will provide you with ultimate experience!
  • 9-16 persons – 480€
  • 16-35 persons – 560€
  • 35-55 persons – 630€

Sightseeing in Barcelona with Gothic Quarter (5 hours)

 gotico   S tart you acquaintance with Barcelona with a general sightseeing tour that includes a visit to the Gothic Quarter. This is a great choice for curious tourists willing to learn about the capital of Catalonia as much as possible. Coming up to the mountain of Montjuïc, you will discover a breathtaking panoramic view of Barcelona.  Moreover, you will see all the popular sights of Barcelona during the tour: Plaza de España, the masterpieces of modernism Manzana de la discordia (Block of Disagreement), Casa Milà and Sagrada Familia, Plaza Catalunya, the Olympic Port, and the Grand Park Güell. Strolling down the famous Ramblas boulevard, you dive into the old part of Catalonia capital – the Gothic Quarter. Here you will be able to walk down the narrowest street in the city, where one can easily reach the opposite building walls by hands, climb the same steps the Christopher Columbus set his foot once, to touch the buildings, erected before the Advent of Jesus Christ… Barcelona will captivate you with its stunning architecture and masterpieces of art!
  • 9-16 persons – 580€
  • 16-35 persons – 680€
  • 35-55 persons - 740€

Montserrat (5-5,5 hours)

  E nigmatic, famous in legends Montserrat mountain, decorated with mysterious rocks-idols, has served as the main symbol of faith for centuries, as well as God’s favored people and the inaccessibility of lands, protected by the heavenly guardians. Today, Montserrat is the monastery with a millenary history, where pilgrims and tourists from all over the world come. The greatest cultural and historical center of Catalonia is famous with its wonder-working icons, one of which is the Black Madonna, the Virgin Mary with the baby in her arms, brings happiness and prosperity to every home. Monumental architecture and panoramic views, offered by Montserrat to its guests, won’t leave anyone indifferent.
  • 9-16 persons – 580€
  • 16-35 persons – 680€
  • 35-55 persons – 740€

Montserrat + Bodegas Torres (7 hours)

I f you are tired of the big city fuss, if you love history and you believe the legends, we offer you the customized tours through Barcelona, including the visit to Montserrat mountain. You will find yourself on an island of tranquility, towering above the sea level up to 1,200 meters, amidst the smooth slopes of Barcelona province. In terms of translation Montserrat means the “split rock.” According to legend, it is here where the Virgin of Montserrat was found – one of the main shrines of Catalonia, nicknamed the Black Madonna. Having got acquainted with it, anyone can ask for happiness and well-being for his family. This excursion will be followed by the visit to one of Europe’s greatest wineries, Bodegas Torres. Torres wine means premium quality, the vineyards with 140 years of history, a lot of awards and exquisite bouquets. You will be able to see, hear and taste the fine wines of the company. Old cellars, oak barrels, the secrets of wine production and the unique taste of Torres wines – is a rest for the mind and body after a few hours in the fresh air.
  • 9-16 persons – 830€
  • 16-35 persons – 900€
  • 35-55 persons – 1000€

Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum  (6 hours)

O ne of the most amazing museums of today is situated in the Catalan town of Figueres in the north-east of Spain. It is, like its inspirer and creator, is unusual, phantasmagoric, and unique: the play of shapes and colors, priceless collections of paintings and sculptures. Life, creativity, and even death of Salvador Dali became a part of the theater-museum: it is the place where his body lies and his immortal spirit is living. Look at the world through the eyes of genial Catalan artist, visiting the greatest temple of surrealism.
  • 9-16 persons – 680€
  • 16-35 persons – 780€
  • 35-55 persons – 880€

Salvador Dali Theatre – Museum + Gerona  (8 hours)

S urrealism genius, Salvador Dali, invites you to a world of phantasmagoria. In Figueres theater-museum every detail goes beyond the ordinary; it is the place where feelings and fantasies are awakened. We arrange customized Barcelona tours, with a stop in the capital of his native province, mysterious Girona.  Our guide will let you into its mysteries, will familiarize with its legends, and captivate with the history.
  • 9-16 persons – 990€
  • 16-35 persons – 1090€
  • 35-55 persons – 1190€



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