Barcelona real property purchase

It is impossible not to fell in love with Barcelona! Coming here, one wants to come back again, so that he/she could admire the incredible architecture, elegant buildings and beautiful coasts every time.


For those who decide to acquire a real estate in Barcelona, its suburbs or in the nearest cities, Viva Barca will be happy to help you finding a house that meets your needs.

A lengthy search, appeal to various agencies, viewing the number of options, choosing the most appropriate one – all this is quite a boring task. It is much easier when everything is done for you.

Our company cooperates with numerous real estate agencies, both Russian and Spanish, we have access to all the databases of different agencies.

Please contact us and we’ll review all applicable options in all possible agencies, and choose the ones that really match your search criteria.

Our services include:

Search for housing on request

Assistance in opening a bank account

Making appointments with sellers

Interpreter Services

Spanish lawyers advisory

Full legal support of purchase and sale

Assistance in applying for insurance


Contact us and we will answer all your questions in detail.







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